Graduation puzzle game at ESA Saint-Luc Brussels produced with Lucas Delmas and Elisa De Greve

Roles: Art Direction, Level Design, 3D Environment, Special effects and cinematics in game


Support : Windows, Mac


Diving into an aquatic world

Small contemplative application to explore the seabed

Support : Windows, Mac, Linux                          Downloadable on


Game on Windows that uses FaceOsc Facial Recognition

To play you must have a computer with a webcam, a good brightness in the room, and move your head in the right directions

Support : Windows



Experimenting an animation on a 360-degree 8K scenery

While watching the video, you can look around with the mouse

Support : Internet browser




Application that generates a procedural collage at each mouse click

Based on a database of cuttings that I previously collected and drawings, it also allows to save a collage generated by pressing space

Support : Windows

The Strange

Curious Box

Electronic puzzle box made with a programmable Arduino. Solving all riddles by turning the wooden faces on each side opens the lock of the box. It contains nothing except the message : “You are too curious”

Components : 

  • Arduino Nano and cables       
  • 5 rotary encoders
  • Wood cut in laser cutter
  • Chinese ink
  • Golden paint
  • Little Servo (lock)

Support : USB port